Sunday on Lesvos

After our late finish at Moria on Saturday night, we were very tired yesterday, but so relieved to see the sun was shining brightly, the rain appeared to be gone for good, and everyone was able to start hanging things out to dry.

We didn’t go to Pikpa this time but instead to Molyvos (map to follow, in a hurry right now…) which is a point on the island very close to Turkey where a lot of boats arrive, and an hour’s drive from Mytilini. Help was needed putting refugees on buses and again, finding clean and dry clothes and shoes for everyone. I spent the evening doing this, and trying to sort through the clothes to make distribution easier. I am more familiar with shoe sizes now than ever before in my life and now fully comprehend the importance of well organised clothes… a long queue of soaking wet women all clamouring for socks when you can’t find socks… it’s very hard.

Why are people always wet and always in need of new clothes? Once their boat reaches the shore, they scramble to get to dry land and often have to wade or even swim in the process. They don’t have changes of clothes with them. Watch a boat arrival here and understand why people almost have trench foot.

It’s a hurried post today as we need to work on our car hire, finding somewhere to stay as well as seeing what today brings in the way of work. As I mentioned before, we desperately need a vehicle to deliver aid more efficiently and ourselves too to be more efficient with our time. Please visit our crowdfunding page to make a donation: Thank you!!





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