Rescuer and rescued.
Rescuer and rescued.

This is Javeed, a Hazara from Kunduz City, Afghanistan, and the boy he rescued from drowning. They were only 15 metres from Lesvos in stormy weather when the boat began to fill with water. Then it was “felling under the sea”. There were 65 people on board. Most made it to safety. Javeed rescued 17 people from the water. But he couldn’t save everyone and three children died. He is struggling to cope with the fact that he was unable to save the children and saw them as they floated away. He tried again and again to save them but he couldn’t. A video of his account will hopefully follow shortly, it needs editing (can anyone help with this?).

Javeed left Afghanistan because life with the Taliban became impossible for him. He is a gentle and kind person and has formed a strong bond with this young boy, his adopted brother for the journey.


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    1. Thank you! I will try to sort that out asap, it’s a very good idea. Thank you so much for your generous donation too, it is so needed, I will keep you updated on the van progress! Thanks again very much!


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